The Gallery | Brisbane Quarter | Podium 1 | 300 George St Brisbane | Opening Hours Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat 10am - 2pm and 10am - 6pm Thurs.

The Gallery | Brisbane Quarter | Podium 1 | 300 George St Brisbane | Opening Hours Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat 10am - 2pm and 10am - 6pm Thurs.

This Month’s Launch - 7 Nov 6-8pm | Exhibition Duration 4 Nov - 30 Nov

Stephen Newton

Weathering and abrasion on materials can embody memory and suggest place. In making sculpture these ideas are explored through simple processes involving rhythm and repetition, with the results evoking the shape of time and the nature of change. Materiality and making are part of a wider ongoing system of change, rather than an expression of ego or will. My research is underpinned by the Japanese Mono-ha movement (‘school of things’). Mono-ha philosophy rejects representation in favour of revealing material properties and conditions as a way to highlight our connection to the broader, integrated world.

Laura Patterson

Laura's art practice is informed by her background in architecture and her continued investigation of landscape painting as a mode of expression and experience. She paints landscapes of natural and built environments, referencing human occupation, spatial composition and the development of an artistic language that brings architecture, traditional drafting techniques and figurative painting together with cohesion.

Tom Summers

Each ceramic piece is handbuilt using pigmented paper stoneware clay. The pigmented powder is what provides the colour to the ceramics and is kneaded by hand into the clay until it is evenly distributed. The pieces are not created on a potter’s wheel, and so have the unmistakeable appearance of something more primal and raw. Through the composition of each piece, however, they still manage to hover on the cusp of an intimate otherworldliness.

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Christine Turner

Christine Turner’s pieces are created by applying multiple layers of carefully structured collage materials to canvas. The artworks often begin with an old painting from her studio. She will often deconstruct plastic tablecloths and carefully paste them onto the canvas in a grid or infinity pattern. Sometimes, she enjoys using other materials such as embossed wallpaper, as each new layer is applied, new meanings emerge.

Daniel Wilson

Daniel is a Gold Coast based designer. He runs an architectural practice on the Gold Coast with a good friend, James Knight. Daniel designs furniture as a way of testing ideas for larger projects. He uses the opportunity to test details, materials and compositions in a playful way, separate from a specific design brief. The furniture is sometimes used within his architectural work, but will often remain simply as a prototype.

Kirralee Robinson

Robinson’s work combines both natural and geometric elements and a mixture of machine and hand made materials. These works represent on a small scale the notion of what it could be like if we incorporated more of the natural environment into the world we make.

Lesley Hurley

Lesley’s work with ceramics is rooted in the art of tea ceremony. Intrigued and inspired by the concept of ritual, she is guided by the four virtues of tea – Harmony, Reverence, Purity and Tranquillity. Lesley’s work is intended to encourage the audience to slow down and step into the present moment, even if only for a short while.

Kitty Horton

Kitty’s paintings explore the materiality of a combination of oils and drawing media on wood. Kitty’s work investigates her daily surroundings through creating distorted shapes, forms, motifs and text. Mark making and the serendipitous accident extend the relationship between painting and drawing.

Ross Williamson

Designer and Maker Ross Williamson was a latecomer to furniture making. He’d had plenty of other jobs beforehand however, none had ticked all the boxes like this. Ross loves the evolution process of a piece; from an idea, to a sketch, to a concept, to a usable piece of furniture that will adorn a home for years to come. Together with his fiancé Katelee McTaggart they started Lee Sinclair Design Co.

CJ Anderson

Growing up around manufacturing, CJ has been involved in making from birth. Completing his degree through the Queensland College of Art (QCA), his passion for making was ignited. Drawing upon raw industrial elements and delicate aesthetics, his designs are created using both traditional craftsmanship and digital manufacturing. Always striving to be dynamic and ever evolving.

Matt Studdert

Matt Studdert presents a collection of art work inspired by his passion for fundamental design principles, graffiti, urban landscapes and the textures and forms of civic infrastructure. Beginning with a series of unplanned, automatic line drawings that are reminiscent of a unique language of hieroglyphics – Matt then builds a series of multiple layers of colour and form that are then deconstructed, removed and reduced to a core resolution of atmospheric simplicity.

Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson is a sculptor who currently works with ceramic and concrete materials exploring the abstract form. Starting his creative career as a carpenter, Wilson has since studied 3D design & digital media to further his understanding of current technologies, production practices and design strategies. His hands have traversed multiple design and production realms including sculptural installation, lighting design, custom furniture, artwork and products.

Sam Eyles

Sam Eyles is a Brisbane based artist who works predominantly in the mediums of painting and drawing. His abstract expressionist style, involves the layering of text and free flowing line work over an informed surface. In gestural strokes, layer upon layer of charcoal, pastel and paint build. The artist’s original thoughts, reflections and questions begin to submerge beneath the reinvented surface.

Gareth Robinson

Blackwood Collective is a bespoke furniture workshop specialising in carpentry and joinery with a focus on functionality, aesthetics and blending classic techniques with modern tools and processes. Each furniture piece is handmade and encapsulates the distinct characteristics of the species of timber from which it is made.

Julie Smeros

Julie Smeros is an Australian artist living and working in Brisbane. A graduate from Sydney College of the Arts in photography, Smeros’ now works principally with clay. Smeros explores the functional role of vessels.