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Sam Eyles

Sam Eyles is a Brisbane based artist who works predominantly in the mediums of painting and drawing. His abstract expressionist style, involves the layering of text and free flowing line work over an informed surface. In gestural strokes, layer upon layer of charcoal, pastel and paint build. The artist’s original thoughts, reflections and questions begin to submerge beneath the reinvented surface.

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Blackwood Collective

Blackwood Collective is a bespoke furniture workshop specialising in carpentry and joinery with a focus on functionality, aesthetics and blending classic techniques with modern tools and processes. Each furniture piece is handmade and encapsulates the distinct characteristics of the species of timber from which it is made.

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Julie Smeros

Julie Smeros is an Australian artist living and working in Brisbane. A graduate from Sydney College of the Arts in photography, Smeros’ now works principally with clay. Smeros explores the functional role of vessels.

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